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The ECC-Nigeria organisse and promote international festivals around the world. 
We consider Film a vibrant and highly effective tool of information storage, communication and entertainment. We pay pertinent attention to film and we are determined to pursue a new course of advancing it, - to mainstream it and bring it greater global appeals. 
Never before has African Music commended global interests and appeals as it does now. The question on our minds remains, ‘how may Africa take greater ownership for her recent and unprecedented achievements in this very special and lucrative art form? Our works all across Africa in tending to her musical heritage is based on this background interests: to bring greater prosperity to the practitioners, audiences and end-users of African Music. We are open to partnerships and collaborations on Musical projects and programmes across Africa.

Our passions for African Music, Dances and folklore condense as African Theatre! The theatre is already a well-known medium of more impactfully transmitting information and imparting new knowledge. Theatre makes for the greatest possible accuracy and therefore is the more preferred medium to drive home our objectives of encouraging growth and peace all across Africa.

The ECC- Nigeria works with performing troupes comprising of different Africa ethnic groups with high level cultural verve. 
They are made up of highly talented youth possessing a penchant for telling African stories through song, music and dance. They are suitable for most occasions and they travel the globe honouring various invitations, competing at various international festivals and winning laurels to the praise of their local populations back home.