What is ECC Performance Art?

ECC Performance Art is an online research and teaching platform dedicated to strengthening the discipline of performance art by providing artists and scholars with a range of tools and insights for their professional growth. ECC Performance Art offers an extensive course program related to key aspects of performance art practice, its theoretical investigation, as well as its documentation and forms of curation and exhibition. Research projects develeped in collaboration with ECC Performance Art cross theoretical and disciplinary boundaries and pioneer approaches to how we think about, study, exhibit, and produce performance art.

ECC Performance Art is the first educational institute to encompass both performance art practice and theory and addresses practitioners and scholars alike. In doing so, ECC Performance Art fills the gap that continues to exist around the education of performance artists and theorists in the traditional institutional context. Through its interdisciplinary scope, ECC practice and scholarly investigation. Acknowledging the many facets of performance art and determined to broaden the existing canon, ECC Performance Art`s goal is to increase visibilitiy for the discipline in all its global manifestations and to forge a community of performance art professionals for the future.

ECC Performance Art offers online classes as well as hands-on workshops and seminars taught at selected location and in collaboration with existing ECC institutes.

Course Examples:

• Performance art: from idea to execution 
with Marta Jovanović
• Performance Art Archives and Documentation
with Anja Foerschner
Performance Art and Feminisms
with Marissa Vigneault
• New Technologies for Performance Art
with Francesca Albrezzi


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